Hello friends,
In the next coming days and weeks, I will be posting my testimony of life, including childhood, adolescence, salvation, calling for ministry and plans for the future. These posts are part of a new ministry project that I am working on, and overall, it is a message of hope to those who may feel lost and hopeless. Also, I wanted you to know little more about my life story and the transforming power of the gospel. I will be breaking up these posts into five:

*    A Troubled Childhood: Losses and Loneliness 
*    The Darkest Age: Deep calls to deeps 
*    Light in the Darkness: The Healing Hope
*    The New Life: A Powerful Transformation
       A Journey of Miracles: Living for Serving

I hope all of you may spend some of your precious time reading this posts and praying for me and for the plans that God has placed on my heart. Thanks!


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